Magic Team

Craig Dietrich

Craig is the Info Design Director at Vectors Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular, researcher at the University of Maine’s Still Water lab, and lecturer at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy, part of the School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches classes on creative and scholarly multimedia. Recent online collaborations include the Mukurtu Archive and Plateau People’s Web Portal content manager based on Aboriginal cultural protocols, ThoughtMesh, a semantic online publishing system, and the Dynamic Backend Generator, a MySQL-based relational data writing canvas. He is presently in production of Magic, a project documenting innovation in humanities-centered interactive media.

Vanessa Vobis

German-born Vanessa is a multimedia artist whose research focuses on the underside of biological and cultural systems.  Her custom-built ecosystems suggest natural history dioramas that are both otherworldly and familiar, repellent and compelling.  Vanessa founded the Species Science Lab to explore on the continuum from the microscopic to the transnational.  She has recently exhibiting in Sweden, Estonia, and the Netherlands and is presently a manager at Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles (U.S.A.).  Vanessa has degrees in art and art history from University of California, Berkeley (U.S.A.) and a MFA from the University of Iowa (U.S.A.).

John Bell

John is a software developer, data artist, and senior researcher at the University of Maine’s Still Water lab. He has contributed to the development of The Pool, a system for fostering and documenting distributed creativity in digital arts; the Variable Media Questionnaire, a tool used in the recreation of technologically obsolete artwork; released several open-source web authoring tools; and given birth to an artificial intelligence that accidentally committed suicide. Many of his projects focus on trust in online communities and maintaining intellectual integrity in environments where there are few consequences to ignoring it. His work has been featured in Wired online and at Ars Electronica.

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