Magic co-creator Craig Dietrich presented a prototype design of the Magic interface to a live audience at USC’s Digital Studies Symposium, February 11, 2010.

Magic reader will see two columns: in the right column are code excerpts; in the left column are cultural materials. Hovering your mouse over specific pieces of the code will reveal media objects describing and annotating the code. The media objects might be textual descriptions, interviews with the creators and users of the software describing its significance, writing about related themes, or a snippet of the front-end project it operates on. Likewise, interacting with the cultural material in the left column will reveal code that produces or engages the material. Using the split-screen, one side examines the “who” and “why” of culturally-sensitive software, the other discovers the “what” and “how.”

Magic at USC's Digital Studies SymposiumCraig Dietrich speaks in front of a Magic prototype design at USC’s Digital Studies Symposium